Bio Trauma


Health Point Bio Trauma is a trauma and crime scene bio hazard waste removal and site decontamination specialists. We are located in the Phoenix market and service all areas of Arizona from the 4 Corners to Yuma and all points in between. Our clients include renters, homeowners, management companies, insurance companies, law enforcement, businesses, healthcare or anyplace that has a need for blood, body fluid or other biohazard waste removal and site remediation.

So Now What?

If you have a contaminated site, you are probably under extreme duress, have feelings loss, are emotionally upset, you have a deadline or impacted neighbors and the site needs remediated and decontaminated immediately. We understand you may not know what to say, what questions to ask or possibly even what services you need. Simply CALL US at 480-463-4131 and we will walk you through the necessary steps and then we can try to help you determine if you have insurance coverage. We can work with the adjuster should you prefer and by handling some of these details we hope we can help you decrease the burden you are carrying.


What Should I do?

  • First of all, if there is any need for medical attention or law enforcement, call 911 immediately.
  • If the site has been released by the medical team or law enforcement (if applicable), immediately call us at 480-463-4131!
  • Gather your insurance information if available. Get the Insurance Company name, policy number and if you feel up to it, open a claim—however we can and will do that for you should you desire.
  • Have someone take a few snapshots to email to us so we may begin to understand the site, the scope of work and processes necessary to decontaminate the site.
  • Don’t touch anything. The site contains potentially hazardous waste and you shouldn’t complicate your life by exposing yourself to potentially infectious diseases.
  • Stay out of the area. When you enter, you run the risk of transporting microscopic
    traces of hazardous waste and enlarging or complicating the area needing decontamination.
  • Leave pictures, furniture, loose clothing or other items for our crew to treat. Valuables will be handled appropriately.
  • Do not try to clean the site. Besides exposing yourself to possibly infectious diseases, an improperly cleaned site is NOT decontaminated, and trace amounts of pathogens can still reside on the surface, between seams or joints of tile, wood, vinyl, linoleum etc. and often have leeched onto the subflooring where bacteria and viruses can grow and multiply. Let a trained professional handle your cleanup in a compassionate, thorough, quick and cost-effective manner.



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