Emergency Vehicle Decontamination


Emergency Vehicle Decontamination

Emergency vehicles, including ambulances, may get called out several times every day can easily become home to loads of potentially harmful pathogens. Each time a unit is dispatched there is the possibility of exposure to blood, body fluids and bio hazardous materials including bacteria and viruses. EMT techs do their best to keep surfaces clean but are trained to save lives and provide safe transport, not to be concerned with cleanliness during a crisis! This can leave harmful materials in the ambulance putting other patients at risk.

That is why ambulance, emergency vehicle and equipment decontamination is often a difficult task. Health Point Bio Trauma technicians know that each job is unique and requires careful, methodical compliance to protocols and pay extra attention to equipment like gurneys and stretchers. We are passionate about preventing the spread of disease and keeping our first responders healthy. We work with cities and private companies to conduct routine deep cleaning and sanitizing of emergency vehicles.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting visible signs of bio-hazardous materials, our experts thoroughly check the vehicle to find and clean blood spatters, minute body fluid drops or tiny bits of biological matter that may not be clearly visible. We know that dangerous bacteria can quickly grow on any surface or in any corner, so we cleanse and sanitize every nook and cranny to prevent the spread of bacteria.

We strive to give EMT crews the confidence of knowing that each vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and tested for residual contaminants so that they can do what they do best!

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