Odor Removal & Control


Unpleasant odors are pervasive at sites where hoarding, death or bodily
decomposition has occurred, regardless of the cause. Smells range from blood,
body fluids, fecal matter and urine to the decomposition of flesh. Outside factors
including rodents, animal waste, smoke, mildew and many others may exacerbate
these smells. Unpleasant odors are distracting, disturbing and, when they linger,
can often cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness and other flu like
symptoms. Odor removal can be a daunting task for even the most experienced

While odors may seem to be airborne, they actually permeate most items and
furnishings in a house. Odors become trapped in drapes, carpets, under flooring
and within walls and attics. Without proper training and equipment, complete
odor removal is not possible. The odor removal process is often complicated and
time consuming, taking many hours and requiring costly decontamination and
sanitation. Often, our techs must remove portions of walls, flooring, subfloors,
carpeting, padding, ceiling tiles and drapes so that no contaminated biological
material is left behind. Once all affected items have been removed, technicians
will coat all remaining areas with a barrier and use an odor neutralizer when
applicable. In extreme cases, an ozone generator or hydroxyl generator may be
required. Both can be left in the contaminated area for extended periods but
require trained techs to make sure people, pets, plants and furnishings are safe.

Technicians with Health Point BioTrauma have been extensively trained in odor
removal and use state of the art equipment to eliminate the stench caused by
hoarding, death, decomposition, rodents, house pets and smoke. All of the
chemicals used by our technicians in the odor removal process are OSHA
compliant and safe for humans.

Before you attempt to clean a crime or trauma scene, please speak with a trained
& certified technician so that you understand the depth and severity of the
contamination and how biohazardous odors and germs can remain even after a
site appears to be clean. We have personnel standing by 24 hours a day to answer
your questions. Call us at 480-463-4131 now!


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