Unattended Death and Trauma Remediation


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An unattended death is always tragic and when it’s a loved one, the pain can be overwhelming to say the least. Health Point Bio Trauma Solutions offers unattended death cleanup throughout the state of Arizona. We are here to assist families that need someone to turn to in their time of need. We are trained, thorough and discreet.


An unnoticed death, whether it be by a couple of hours or a couple of weeks is classified as an unattended death. Body decomposition, though a natural process is very hazardous to anyone in or around the area when it occurs; which is why professionals should always handle the location’s cleanup. The olfactory nerves have a kind of memory, an aroma of chocolate cookies might spark the memory of grandma’s kitchen. However, a decomposing body will emit a strong putrid smell that may never be forgotten, and memories of the event might be recalled when other similar odors are encountered. The longer the body sits, the more dangerous the areas around it will become as bodily fluids will ultimately start to leak out. These fluids seek out seams in carpet, flooring, tiles and even subflooring making decontamination and odor removal extremely difficult.

Decomposition attracts insects due to the smell and those insects will propagate the further spread of potentially infectious bacteria, viruses and materials. Understanding, Caring and Confidential.

Our staff understand that you need time to process these events and we are here to help. We understand the emotional trauma, we are considerate, respectful and confidential. Our staff is trained to never speak to anyone about the job. We are dedicated to helping you get through this traumatic time as fast and as easily as possible.

Restoring Peace of Mind

Our trained technicians have the chemicals, tools, equipment, experience and protocols needed to fully restore a residential, commercial, industrial, public, even an outdoor venue affected by decomposition.

Cleanup after an untended death is one of most unfortunate jobs of all. We understand the last thing a friend, family or loved one wants to do is handle the task themselves. Sometimes an unattended death can leave behind a great deal of blood and body fluids and other times it is relatively contained to a small area – we are equipped to handle any cleanup, no matter the pathogens that may or may not exist. Health Point Bio Trauma Solutions will provide full and detailed decontamination services, odor removal as needed and remove any
contaminated furniture and/or belongings. Call us to discuss your options before attempting to do any cleanup. Improperly disinfected and cleaned bio hazardous materials can pose health risks for years to come. Leave this task to the pros at Health Point Bio Trauma

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