Hoarding and Gross Filth Cleaning

(Please be aware this is industry standard jargon and the language is not meant in any offensive way. Each situation is unique and many hoarding scenes are not composed of trash or garbage.)

Health Point Bio Trauma Solutions is the industry leader in hoarding & gross filth cleanup. Hoarding and gross filth site cleanup is a challenging and hazardous job that requires effectively removing and disposal of large volumes of potentially hazardous material. Clutter and junk removal often associated with hoarding typically involves cleaning a building or residence that a reasonable person would find uninhabitable. The hazardous debris often contains mold, decayed foods, feces & urine, insects and vermin. This waste must be handled appropriately, transported safely and disposed of properly according to all discarding requirements of biohazardous materials.

This is not a job for the untrained layperson. The task of cleaning a home affected by hoarding, gross filth or excess clutter can be challenging at best and often impossible for an individual untrained in cleaning, decontamination and odor removal. The location must be thoroughly inspected then a disinfection, removal, disposal and remediation plan should be organized and then executed. All personnel must be properly equipped with the appropriate PPE, tools, equipment and supplies and must know the protocols for removing, disinfecting and disposition of the belongings and effects at the site.
For your health and safety, before you attempt to clean a hoarding or scene cluttered with excess property, trash and personal effects, speak with a certified technician. We have trained personnel standing by 24 hours a day at 480-463-4131 to answer your questions.

Health Point Bio Trauma works with several different insurance companies and we are often able to facilitate your claim directly with your insurance company. If insurance covers the cost of our services, the only payment required from you will be your policy deductible. If insurance coverage is not available, we do offer several different payment plans, which generally suit most budgets.