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Homeless Encampment Clean Out

Homelessness is a major challenge for many in the greater Phoenix area. A combination of economic downturns and lack of affordable housing has led to a rise in homeless encampments around the city. As local cleaning professionals, we help property owners clean out homeless encampments in Phoenix after their occupants have moved on.

Homelessness on the rise in Maricopa County

A recent point-in-time count by the Maricopa Association of Governments found that over 7400 homeless people are living in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Between January and August of 2020, over 500 homeless people died while unhoused. The problem is growing more grave year after year, and one of the many ripple effects is the demand for Phoenix biohazard cleaning services.

Local authorities, long-time residents, and service groups have been wrestling with the homelessness epidemic in Phoenix for decades. Last year, the largest homeless encampment in Phoenix was located just outside the Human Services Campus. When these larger encampments are forced to disperse, it is inevitable that smaller encampments start to appear on properties in the surrounding area.

At Health Point Cleaning Solutions, we have our eye on the part of the problem that we are equipped to handle. Extensive cleanup measures are needed to properly restore these spaces to safe use. Our team of local Phoenix biotrauma cleaning specialists have been on the ground working to clear out and sanitize these makeshift communities once their occupants have decamped and relocated.

Biohazard disposal and clean up

If you’ve had a homeless encampment set up on your property, it’s important to contract professionals to safely clean and clear the area. Phoenix biohazard cleanup services are not all created equal. At Health Point Cleaning Solutions, we have nearly two decades of experience on our side. 

Biohazard, or biotrauma, can be defined as any substance posing a threat to healthy living organisms. In our world of professional sanitation, we encounter blood, urine, vomit, feces, and spoiled food at the sites we are contracted to clean. These substances demand a strict protocol of disposal and require sufficient protective equipment.

Our focus goes beyond dangerous substances. We also encounter sharps, items ranging from used needles to makeshift weapons. If not properly handled, contaminated sharps can lead to the spread of illness, disease, and injury. Make sure you’re contracting Biotrauma professionals in Phoenix to properly dispose of these items. 

Professional cleaning solutions with flexible service plans

Biohazard cleanup throughout Phoenix is one of many services we offer at Health Point Cleaning Solutions. We have over 16 years of experience as cleaning professionals in varied settings. Beyond Phoenix area homeless encampment cleanup, Health Point specializes in corporate office cleaning, medical cleaning, janitorial services and much more.

The Health Point advantage is a combination of unrivaled clean with flexible service plans. Whether you need a one-time appointment or a recurring cleaning schedule, our team is standing by to build a sanitation plan that fits your needs. If you’re ready to tackle your cleaning challenges with a group of local professionals, contact Health Point Cleaning Solutions today to set up your first appointment!

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Homeless Encampment Clean Out

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