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How Often Should I Have My Offices Cleaned?

A clean office environment is critical for the success of any organization. Studies have shown that it offers a conducive space for optimal staff productivity and creates an excellent first impression on potential customers walking in. Productivity aside, regular cleaning services prevent germs and other bacteria from accumulating on surfaces around the office, which is especially important with the current covid-19 pandemic. As such, hiring office cleaning services should be a priority for any responsible business owner. But how often should you schedule office cleaning?

What are some signs that you need office cleaning?

Several symptoms in your office environment should prompt you to contact a cleaning professional. Some of these include:
-Dust and dirt building on surfaces- If you touch your desk, windows, or countertops and feel a thin layer of dust on your fingers, it’s time to call a cleaning professional to clean your office.
-Cobwebs lining surfaces- Spiders leave their webs everywhere they go. If you notice webs anywhere in your office, don’t let them stay there too long! The longer they hang around on your walls or windowsills, the worse it gets for your office hygiene.
-Discoloration of surfaces like walls and carpets due to prolonged use- If you notice your office walls, carpets, or rugs losing color and appearing faded, it’s time to get them cleaned.
-Stuffy environment- Frequent foul odors emanating from the office area, such as food smells, smoke, etc., are usually a red flag.

What factors affect the frequency of office cleaning needs?

The frequency of office cleaning you need may vary depending on different aspects of your business. Let us consider a few things:

Type of business

Some businesses are more demanding in terms of cleanliness. For instance, an office that deals with food or medical equipment are likely to be dirtier and need cleaning services more often than offices for tech companies.

Number of staff

If you have a large team, they will generate more waste and spread germs faster than smaller teams. This means your cleaning schedule should increase accordingly.

Size of the office

The size and volume of dirtying materials in your space will determine how often you need to hire an office cleaning service. For instance, more staff in a cramped office area will result in more dirt and dust. As such, you’ll need frequent cleaning, unlike large open spaces with fewer people. This is because spatial volume reduces the spread of dirt and germs.

Location of the office

The location of your business has a significant impact on how often you need to hire a janitorial service. Areas with severe weather conditions such as high humidity and dusty environments require more cleanings than areas in a relatively calm and cool environment.

Type of cleaning required

Are you looking for a routine cleaning or deep cleaning? Regular cleaning tasks include dusting and mopping the entire office regularly while also emptying trash cans and taking care of windows, countertops, etc. On the other hand, deep office cleaning involves a thorough inspection. It focuses more on hard-to-reach areas, such as under furniture or cabinets, that are not touched by regular cleaners.

How often should I have my office space cleaned?

Experts suggest you schedule weekly cleaning for routine cleaning depending on the factors mentioned above. This will ensure dirt and germs don’t remain on surfaces for long periods, negatively affecting the health of staff. However, for deep cleaning, you can schedule it whenever and how often you prefer.

What areas should I prioritize during office cleaning?

There are different cleaning tasks associated with office cleanup. Priority areas will depend on the type of cleaning you ordered. Regular cleaning should focus on dusting tables and desktops, mopping floors, and taking care of windows, while deep cleaning should focus more on hard-to-reach spots such as under carpet cleaning, cabinets, ceilings, etc.

What are the benefits of workspace cleaning?Office Cleaning Company Glendale AZ

Aside from keeping your organization environment clean at all times, other advantages that come with a clean office are:
-Staff Productivity- Studies have provided empirical evidence that poorly maintained workspaces cause stress and decrease productivity levels among staff members. Unpleasant smells emanating from dirty spaces affect not only the staff but also their mood. This can make them lose focus and drive, which may lead to poor performance levels.
-Staff Health and safety reasons- An unclean office is like a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses. The risk of catching infectious disease increases if there are no regular cleaning schedules in place. Poor sanitation could expose your staff to serious health risks, such as covid-19. You can avoid this by hiring a professional cleaning service that will care of your space hygiene.
-Aesthetics- An unclean work environment is unhygienic and looks very unpleasant with all the dirt lying around. Clean office spaces are more appealing to potential clients/customers! 

How much does office cleanup cost?

Many factors determine how much you’ll pay for your regular or deep cleanings. These include the size of your office, number of staff working there, location and nature of business, etc. The best way to find out how much it costs is by getting quotes from cleaners in your area.

Should I hire a professional?

Yes, there are many advantages to hiring a professional for your daily office cleaning tasks. Professional cleaners have the proper knowledge and skills required for this job. They also use dedicated products explicitly designed to minimize health risks associated with poor hygiene in workspaces. Additionally, commercial janitorial services will help you save time since they focus on all office areas.

Let Us Clean Your Office!

If you are looking for office cleaning in Glendale AZ services, feel free to contact us at Health Point Cleaning Solutions! Our janitors are trained and committed to ensuring your work environment is clean and safe. We offer our services at affordable rates that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Give us a call today for a free quote!

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How Often Should I Have My Offices Cleaned?

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