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What’s The Difference Between Janitorial and Cleaning Services?

Many people tend to use the terms “cleaning services” and “janitorial services” interchangeably! While these may seem appropriate in everyday talk, the two terms mean different things. This is something you might want to keep in mind the next time you contemplate contracting a professional to tidy up and maintain your property. This post explains the main difference between cleaning and janitorial services.

What are janitorial services?

A janitorial company provides cleaning and maintenance services for residential or business properties. These might include:
-Cleaning bathrooms, floors, windows, etc.
-Replenishing supplies such as soap and toilet paper in restrooms
-Taking out the trash
-Cleaning and re-stocking the pantry

What is a cleaning service?

A cleaning service is an entity that provides home or business owners with services to clean, maintain, and tidy up homes. These might include:
-Vacuuming rugs/floors
-Power washing
-Carpet cleaning
-Upholstery cleaning
-Tile cleaning
-Window cleaning
Commercial cleaning services are not the same thing as janitorial services! They’re two different entities that provide particular services to customers.

What is the difference?

The main difference between these two terms is that commercial janitorial services refer to cleaning activities that occur almost daily. The tasks completed are generally everyday cleaning tasks and don’t require many specialties to do. On the other hand, commercial cleaning services refer to activities that occur less frequently and involve more specialized tasks like upholstery cleaning. They happen on a much larger and deeper scale, resulting in longer-lasting results.

Should I call cleaning or janitorial services?

Before you contract a property maintenance service, it’s important to decide whether you’ll need someone to provide janitorial services or commercial cleaning services based on the definitions provided above. There are cases when a janitor would be more appropriate and vice versa. Generally, you should opt for commercial janitorial services when:
-You need someone to keep your office facility clean and presentable
-You need a commercial cleaning business to work on your premises daily
-You want your home to look organized every day
-You want someone to take out the trash daily
-There’s no need for specialized work like deep carpet cleaning or tile/grout restoration

On the other hand, commercial cleaning services would be more suitable when:
-Tasks involve more specialized work such as deep carpet cleaning (for example)
-The house is extremely cluttered and disorganized
-You want to get your home back in order after an eventful week/month (such as moving or hosting a party)
-The windows on your commercial building need a thorough cleaning
-You want to restore the shine on your tile/grout
You must be clear on what kind of work would be more suited for the situation! Your choice will determine the type of person you hire, their experience, and the level of quality you get for the job in question.

Why should I hire a professional cleaner?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company specializing in professional cleaning services instead of cleaning yourself. These include:

They are specialists

Professional cleaners are well-versed in the art of cleaning; they know how to do it properly and thoroughly. Thanks to years of experience, they can handle any stains or messes that land on their watch. You won’t need to keep working on the same mess time and again.

They have the time

Hiring a professional cleaner means you don’t have to do the cleaning yourself, allowing your time and energy for other activities like work or family life. Some cleaning jobs may require a lot of time to complete, which can significantly mess up your schedule. The best course of action would be to leave it to the experts.

They’re efficient at their work

Professional cleaners have experience in doing a wide range of tasks that involve cleaning homes or offices. This is because they often clean a lot more than regular houses! They also learn new tricks as time goes on, making them more efficient in their line of work.

They have the tools and techniques

There’s no need to worry about finding the right tools or products because they’ve got it all under control! They know what supplies are needed for each job, whether it be different cleaners, rags, mops, etc., and what will not harm whatever they are cleaning.

They are insured

Most professional cleaners are insured; hence you don’t have to worry about any accidents that may occur on the job. Considering how many things can go wrong when cleaning (a fall here or there), this is a huge relief! It’s also comforting knowing your home will be in good hands if anything does happen.

Long-lasting results

Lastly, professional cleaners are here to ensure that your home or office stays clean for a long time. Since they’re experts in the field of cleaning, you can rest assured you won’t have to worry about hiring someone else any time soon!

Where can I find a professional cleaner?Janitorial Companies Phoenix AZ

Finding a professional cleaner is simple these days. Websites like HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack allow you to search for providers in your area based on their experience, price range, etc. Alternatively, you can ask for recommendations from friends and family who’ve had a successful experience with hiring a janitorial service. Finding the exemplary service for you is one google search away.

Need Your Home or Office Cleaned?

Finding time to keep your property clean and tidy at all times is always a challenge for many. It takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge. That is why Health Point Cleaning Solutions is here to help! We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services that will keep everything looking fresh and clean. Call us anytime for janitorial services in Phoenix, AZ, you can rely on!

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What’s The Difference Between Janitorial and Cleaning Services?

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