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Homeless Encampment Cleanup Phoenix AZ

Why are Homeless Camps Considered a Public Health Issue?

Homeless encampments are quickly becoming a major concern for modern societies. Not only does the lack of running water and toilets create an unsanitary living environment, but it can also spread diseases and bacteria that can cause serious health concerns. Furthermore, these locations can attract vermin, such as rats and cockroaches, that can spread disease to humans and contaminate food sources. Recognizing this homelessness crisis and working together to devise effective cleanup crew solutions is essential. Otherwise, we find ourselves in the middle of something more direr than ever anticipated.

Biohazards Causing Diseases

Homeless encampments present several biohazards that can have serious health consequences for those living in and around them concerning the following:

  • Disease: Encampments, often homeless or refugee settlements, can be hazardous to their residents’ health due to their unhygienic conditions. The most frequent diseases found in these sites are tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis C – all of which can spread quickly among people who live there and beyond if they don’t have access to proper sanitation facilities.
  • Bloodborne pathogens: Sadly, the large amounts of trash left behind at homeless encampments aren’t just everyday household items. They can contain hypodermic needles and other hazardous materials, posing a tremendous risk to both the homeless population and the people living nearby. Leaving these materials unattended can result in serious medical complications if infected blood comes into contact with another individual.

Recovery is More Difficult Without Housing

Homeless Camp Phoenix AZ

When a person is ill or recovering from surgery, having a stable housing environment is hugely beneficial. They can concentrate on healing and getting back onto their feet without worrying about a safe place to sleep and find food. Homeless encampments, due to the unsanitary living conditions, are not conducive for someone who needs rest and recovery. Getting homeless people into shelters can be an important part of their recovery journey. It would provide them with shelter, warmth, and nutrition, which all play key roles in allowing an individual to heal.

Hurts Overall Physical Health

Homeless encampments are not only a disheartening sight to behold, but the living conditions there can be dangerous for residents’ physical health. Without permanent shelter or facilities, it is difficult to keep food clean and safe from potential contamination from rodents and other vermin that are attracted by the garbage lying around. Not only do food-borne diseases flow more freely in this environment, but poor hygiene also leads to skin problems and dental issues among inhabitants of camps.

Has a Negative Impact On the Environment

Homeless encampments present a multitude of environmental hazards to their surrounding communities. One such hazard is associated with inadequate human waste disposal, which can pollute the nearby river and contaminate the water supply of nearby communities. To compound this problem further, homeless transients commonly use combustible resources like wood stoves and campfires as a source of heat and cooking, but these open fires oftentimes go unattended and can quickly spiral out of control – creating an even bigger disaster by putting camp structures at risk and potentially causing bodily harm in the process.

Threats to Businesses

Urban homeless encampments, though often an uncomfortable reality for those in the community, have a more immediate and direct impact on the environment surrounding them. Many of the behaviors associated with chronic homelessness can be off-putting and even dangerous to both residents and visitors – from sleeping on the streets to public intoxication. These unsanctioned behaviors can negatively affect local business owners by deterring potential customers.

High Criminal Activity in the Area

Although numerous studies have revealed a significant link between homelessness and criminality, it is not necessarily true that people who are chronically homeless are hardened, violent felons. In reality, they typically have an increased rate of arrest for misdemeanors such as trespassing, public intoxication, and petty theft. This is largely due to their need to use ‘non-institutionalized survival strategies’ like panhandling, street peddling, and sometimes even stealing.

Negatively Affects the Whole Community

Homeless Encampment Phoenix Arizona

The presence of homeless encampments isn’t only a burden and public nuisance to those living in these conditions but also can be detrimental to the wider community concerning community safety. It’s well known that these camps often present numerous hazards that impose risks on both health and security. Pollution and pressures on local resources, such as trash collection and first response services, are also major concerns surrounding homeless encampments. Furthermore, studies show that communities with established homeless inhabitants typically suffer from subsequent economic losses due to city property deterioration, scattered debris, higher crime rates, lost retail clients and decreased tourism interest. Addressing homelessness is crucial for protecting public safety, preserving public spaces and fostering integrated communities for us all.

Health Point Cleaning Can Help With Homeless Camp Cleanups

For those struggling with homelessness in the city of Phoenix, many outreach programs exist to help and support them. At Health Point Cleaning Solutions, we provide another aid to our local communities by professionally cleaning properties to create a healthier, safer environment for all. Our technicians are highly trained and abide by rigorous regulations from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Further, our 24/7 emergency service is available when needed most. Plus, through our expert partnerships with major insurance companies, we promise fast service – restoring your property space quickly and professionally. Contact us today to learn more information!

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  • Biohazard cleanup operation
  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Commercial cleaning services

Visit our About Us page for more information about what we do.

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Why are Homeless Camps Considered a Public Health Issue?

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